Projects and Construction

Fiber Optic Installation Project – Glofiber by Shentel

Construction is beginning throughout the Borough to place fiber optic lines within easements or right-of-ways on private properties. Flags and/or paint markings, which are required by law, indicating the proposed path of the new cable and the location of the existing utilities will be displayed on properties within work zones.  Work is scheduled to be done Monday through Saturday during the hours of 7:30 AM through 5:00 PM, throughout the next several months until the infrastructure is complete.

There will be five phases to the project with several phases requiring underground work.  Underground construction will begin with Park Avenue and Church Streets, moving to Carriage Drive and then the Summit Hills.

Please direct any questions to:  540-984-5510. For additional information about this project visit  Have a question about the services provided?  Visit their website at