Council and Staff

Mountville Borough Council

  • Mayor: Philip S. Kresge
  • President: Lenny D. Heisey
  • Vice -President/Chairperson Parks and Recreation : Christine D. Eshleman
  • President Pro Tem/Chairperson, Health and Sanitation: Harry L. Morgan,
  • Chairperson, Public Works, Streets: Charlie H. Thomas
  • Chairperson, Public Safety, Police and Fire: Richard D. Spiegel
  • Chairperson, General Government: Michael A. Trimble
  • Chairperson, Planning and Zoning: Jesse Hersh

Mountville Borough Staff

  • Public Works Personnel: Edward E. Benner and David N. Pott
  • Borough Secretary/Treasurer: Pamela J. Mitchell
  • Assistant Secretary: Doris A. Reisinger
  • Borough Solicitor: Bradley Zuke/Herr & Low, P. C.
  • Borough Engineer: Jim Caldwell/Rettew Associates
  • Borough Zoning Officer: Sam Meckley/Rettew Associates
  • Right to Know Officer: Pamela J. Mitchell